Traci stayed ever vigilant until we got my house sold and then held our hand on the purchase of our new one. Would recommend her anytime! She never disappointed us.

- Avis

Traci is the Agent to contact to get the job done and to get it done right. She communicates with the client each step of the way and answers questions and concerns promptly. No question is too small and she is very patient when help with understanding the process is needed.

- Dale Pritcher Drinkwater

We appreciate all the hard work and professionalism that were exhibited by you and Joyce! It's a tough market out there and we totally appreciate the energy you all placed into getting the property listed, shown, and SOLD! I wish both of you prosperity and success. 

- John Herge

Traci, Joyce and Ivy were the most helpful team we have ever worked with. As a result our home sold October 10th. If you are thinking of listing, please call Traci, she is amazing and is a go getter. My husband and I both worked in  retail management for many years, we were convinced from our first meeting with Traci she was the realtor for us.

- Susan RandleGrames

We sincerely hope we have made our final move BUT should we ever need another real estate and Joyce will be the only choice for us! Thanks also for allowing us to store some of our items in your garage prior to the move...that was going above and beyond the call of duty!" 

- Raymond & Sandy Tarpley


"A well respected friend recommended Traci because of her experience, knowledge and professionalism in assisting her clients to find the home of their dreams. As Traci and I developed a working relationship, each quality of her was exemplified as we progressed toward the final solution. Now that we've completed the deal, I credit Traci for the good night's sleep in a house I can proudly call my own." 

- Scott Terry

"Traci – you’re fantastic!  Thanks for taking care of us and caring so much." 

Thor & Carol 


"Traci, both you and Joyce have been wonderful to work with and have made our move so much easier. I did explain  we would be high maintenance and we proved that to be true. However, thanks for your patience, knowledge about the area, and school systems.  I am still amazed at how many contacts you have. You must know everyone in Savannah and are well respected. Thanks for going beyond the "Call of Duty", becoming a friend and looking after my family." 

- Buddy and Lynne Austin


"I don't know where to begin. 2 years ago I for different reasons put my home on the market. I did not have luck with the first person who over priced because I think that's how they got listings.

Then I went with someone who I thought was a go getter. Not so much. The feed back was non existent. I had no idea what this person was doing other than a sign. I did not click at all with them. So # 2 fired. The third person was a neighborhood Realtor. They made a lot of promises and yes one time they came Thur with an offer. I did not accept because I didn't feel like I was given all the information I should have had at the time. As you know I had a heart attack in March. The Realtor I had chosen did not call me once to see how I was. The only time a call was made was to let me know that my contract was going to expire that day. How on top of things were they?  I felt like an address to them not a client, customer, Seller or a person. So I did not renew. I had emailed you a while ago and somehow I just kept picking the wrong people. So I was determined to have an agent that had some spunk and knew where I was coming from. You were the one that showed my house the most. I kept the stack of cards and I think yours was every other one. You're a go getter. An agent who does Sunday open house! an agent who told me my house was to dark and to take the blue drapes down and just live with it! I liked it.
You found the best buyer in the world and it was the easiest transaction I could have imagined.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Between you calling back as soon as you could and your co-worker Joyce I was in the best of hands and that was just what I needed. So If anyone out there wants an agent that understands in the market today you can not just put in a sign and wait for a sale to fall on your head.
I HIGHLY Recommend Traci. 
We will be moving to Virginia in the fall but if we were ever to move back I would not hesitate to call you again.
Traci is wicked awesome!!." 

- Bob & JoAnne Lesage


"Traci is the most dynamic, enthusiastic and committed real estate professional I've ever experienced! Her knowledge and skill are only surpassed by her passion for the business. Her networks, contacts and impactful marketing enabled me to sell my home in a down market for a nice profit. I would recommend Traci Amick to anyone that is serious about buying or selling real estate. She's a real pro." 

- Pam Hartley, Founder, Momentum Marketing (630) 533-0565


"Great Job Traci! I wish everyone listing my properties was as diligent as you." 

- Lamar Smith, Lamar Smith Signature Properties (912) 663-6392


"Thank you very much again for everything. It was a pleasure working with you and we couldn’t be happier with our new house. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know needing a house and we will definitely be using you to sell our house in a few years. "

- Richard Davis


"You have been great to work with and I would recommend you to anyone."

- Al Cook, VP, McIntosh State Ban (770) 527-7893


"Many thanks again for all your help.  It's always a relief to have the closing done!  It was a pleasure working with you, and hope to do business again in the future."

- Rich, Laura, Benjamin, and Olivia Arneson


"Traci Amick and Joyce Ellzey never gave up and miraculously sold our home within 9-months which is phenomenal given the market both then and now. I can't recommend Traci and Joyce enough. They most certainly have our future business should we move back to the South! Their experience, knowledge of the area and professionalism make them a tremendous success and we are very thankful we had the foresight needed to choose them for a second time to assist with our real estate endeavors."

- Steve & Christina Dean Bronson


"I want to thank you for making this possible for us. The house is more than we could ever imagine. All of our furniture fits so well. I can't wait for you to see it. You are the best of the best. When I see a sign that has someone elses name on it, I think to myself, if they want to sell, they need to call Traci. You are honest, upfront and tell it like it is. Thanks again for all your hard work on making this possible. Our dream house is now a reality for us."

- Pam & Jim Hanlon


"Traci, thanks for checking back, I must compliment you on your excellent customer service skills. We have decided to look for a place in Bluffton since it is half way between Hilton Head and Savannah and will make it easier for me to take jobs in either area. I have also applied for a position in Okatie and it will be closer to that as well if I land the position. Thank you for all of your help and I will definitely recommend you to anyone moving to the Savannah area."

- Dallin, Hilton Head, SC 

Traci Amick
Traci Amick
Realtor - Luxury Home Specialist
329 Commercial Drive Ste 100 SAVANNAH GA 31406